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Dominica Geo Acetate Sunglasses by PIPERWEST
Angular, gold framed glasses with a gold brushed metal arm and slightly oversized lenses.

UVA/UVB - Cellulose Acetate - Metal Frame



Marsielle Retro Square Acetate Sunglasses by PIPERWEST

Boxy, oversized lenses in a jet black tint with tri-dot details where the hinge meets the frame. Slightly wide arms wrapping back over the ear, made from a strong, sturdy Cellulose Acetate material.


UVA/UVB - Cellulose Acetate



Avalon Retro Square Acetate Sunglasses by PIPERWEST
Large square-framed oversized lenses, a thick arm and sturdy, durable Cellulose Acetate materials. Silver hinge detail where the arm meets the frame. Comes in two finishes; Jet Black or Tortoise Print.

UVA/UVB - Cellulose Acetate - Jet Black or Tortoise Print


Kaya Angular Cellulose Acetate Sunglasses by PIPERWEST
Playful, full of geometry and with a semi-translucent frame and arm. Featured in three distinct finishes; Pastel Pink, Lemon Tortoise Print and classic Black

UVA/UVB - Cellulose Acetate - Pastel Pink, Lemon Tortoise Print, classic Black



Petra Wide Round Eye Cellulose Acetate Sunglasses by PIPERWEST

A bevelled frame with 1.5mm sunken black tint lenses, complimented by a gold brushed metal frame support and arm, tipped with plastic over the ear. Oval frames add a feminine quality and finish to the style. 

UVA/UVB - Cellulose Acetate and Metal



Havana Round Eye Cellulose Acetate Sunglasses by PIPERWEST
Rounded and thick framed, with minimal accent details. Featured in classic Black with black tint lenses and Tortoise Print with deep green tint lenses. 


UVA/UVB - Cellulose Acetate - Classic Black and Tortoise Print



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