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  • Fix It Luxurious Repair Balm

    All natural, concentrated repair balm perfect for cracked and dry skin, tattoos and stretch marks Safe for babies 1oz tube Ingredients: Calendula Officinalis* (calendula flower) infused Helianthus Annuus...

  • Gua Sha Rose Quartz

    Glides across the face to flush the lymphatic system 100% Rose Quartz   Tayler, founder of Midnight Paloma, was on #PRIVtalks Episode 77. We're obsessed with this brand because of its beautiful packaging, natural...

  • Silicone Cleansing Mitt

    Cleansing mitt that deep cleans pores and exfoliates  Antibacterial 

  • Deep Breath Soothing Essential Oil Spray

    Deep Breath contains a blend of organic essential oils, including eucalyptus, lime and peppermint Great for cold and flu season, stressful situations or any time a breath of fresh air is all you need  With the...

  • Settle Down Calming Essential Oil Spray

    Settle Down is a calming spray for pillow, face and body A great addition to the entire family's bedtime routine, with added witch hazel and coconut oil it also doubles as a hydrating facial toner with a blend of organic...

  • Good Morning Essential Oil Spray

    An all-natural and organic aromatherapy spray, perfect for those rough mornings (afternoons, evenings....) With an blend of pure and organic essential oils, Good Morning can be used from head to toe, allowing the refreshing...

  • Keep Going Energizing Essential Oil Spray

    Keep Going is a refreshing blend of lemon, spearmint and other organic essential oils Ideal for before, during and after workouts or when the 3pm slump hits Organic witch hazel and coconut oil make it the perfect...

  • Smooch Super Moisturizing Lip Balm

    The most luscious and moisturizing lip balm Available in Vanilla and Peppermint Peppermint can also be applied directly to temples and/or neck for headache relief Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Cocoa...

  • Clean Slate Cleansing Oil And Makeup Remover

    Clean Slate is nontoxic oil cleanser, that will cleanse without stripping skin of precious moisture and hydration, while gently removing even waterproof mascara. Can be used as a pre-cleanse before your favourite cleanser...

  • Eyes Up Caffeinated Eye Serum

    The perfect serum to wake up your eyes in the morning Star ingredient Prickly Pear is high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to help with puffiness and dark circles, brighten dark spots, nourish and hydrate skin...

  • Facial Dry Brush

    Great addition to your morning routine to help improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, improve dark circles and puffiness, tone and firm skin texture Overall brings energy back into your skin   Tayler, founder of...

  • Illume Tanning Mist

    Refreshing facial Tanning Mist designed to build an even, gradual tan for the face, sans hands.  Light weight mist Dual action tanning mist and make-up setter Refreshing blend of mandarin, lemon myrtle and orange...

  • Skin Kit

    The mask, applicator and serum will detox and hydrate your skin creating the perfect base  (Value $64) Kit Includes: x1 Full Size Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask: Tailor your mask for your skin needs. All natural...

  • Sweet Almond + Carrot Seed Face Serum

    Alleviate redness and regenerate cell growth with this natural serum, the perfect on-the-go hydrator Hero ingredient carrot seed oil is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A + E will heal dry chapped skin, rejuvenate and give...

  • Charcoal + Rose Detox Face Mask

      All natural charcoal mask is your skins best friend when it comes to keeping it detoxified. Hero ingredient charcoal absorbs impurities and acts like a magnet to draw out dirt from pores. Other ingredient...

  • Everything Balm

    Multi-purpose balm with hero ingredient coconut butter is naturally anti-bacterial and healing made to nourish the skin Other Ingredient Profiles:Cocoa butter smooth scars, prevents dryness, heals chapped skin +...

  • Radiant Self Tan Lotion

    Gives an instant glow with natural caramel extract that develops over 6 hours Apply evenly to clean, exfoliated, dry skin with a mitt or hands, and allow to absorb before dressing Fragrance of Lemon Myrtle, Orange Blossom...

  • Nourish Daily Moisturizer

    Luxurious lotion packed with rejuvenating oils to nourish skin and prolong your tan Fragrance of Lemon Myrtle, Orange Blossom & Mandarin PETA Approved  200 mL 6.8 fl. Oz. e Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis...

  • Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturizer

    Ideal for newbies to self tanning and maintaining your glow Subtle tan that builds day by day Fragrance of Lemon Myrtle, Orange Blossom & Mandarin, you won't smell like sunscreen! Apply evenly to clean dry skin and...

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