PRIV founder, Donni Rae Edmondson, opened PRIVILEGE in 2007 as a fashion brand that would be accessible to everyone. Here at Priv we believe everything is a part of fashion, those great statement pieces that draw every eye, the sunglasses or bag that tie an entire ensemble together, the leggings that release your inner Olympian, and those cozy pajamas for lounging on the couch. Our goal at Priv is that you feel and look good at any moment throughout the day and that it should be easy.
Based in the Fraser Valley, we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest fashion to provide style that doesn't break the bank. Every season we put out items inspired by the latest fashion trends and made from quality, proprietary fabrics that will keep you stylish from morning to evening. Life can be exhausting, looking good doesn't need to be.
Over these past 14 years we've built an incredible community that shares our values and celebrates one another's beauty and style.We strive to make elite products while not being elitist. So welcome to PRIV. It's a privilege to have you.